Hello and welcome to Tyson Transformations.co.uk, the home of the nutrition, training and lifestyle brand I’ve been developing since 2013 to offer a complete range of support and services in my quest to become the coach I needed myself as a teenager, so I can guide people like yourself through the same struggles I faced growing up.

I understand the desperation you feel in the face of confusion and failure to sustain your results. You see when I was younger I was the really skinny lanky kid, completely unathletic and picked pretty much last in P.E classes. From the ages of 15-18 I got into martial arts and did pretty well for myself in Muay Thai eventually having 4 professional fights. However, the above two statements do not go together. My lack of any talent when it came to sports meant I had to work even harder and longer in the gym, spend hours researching everything I could about training and nutrition resulting in pure confusion and with no guidance or support a vicious cycle began.

In order to become competitive in kickboxing and Muay Thai I, like most people, cut weight to be as big as possible at the weight for the fight. The problem was not only did I not know how to cut weight, so I had to resort to multiple unhealthy practices causing a horrible relationship with food and body image. But I also didn’t have any weight to lose, I was unhealthy skinny anyway. So as soon as the fight was over with, to rebel against the severe diets and in an attempt to not be the skinny kid as soon as possible I just binged on anything and everything.

It took me a long time to overcome the mentality around food and body image this cause and whilst I haven’t perfected it I’m in a pretty good place and now I’d like to help you on this same journey.