2 weeks to go!!!!

So I’ve been so…so busy this week, I think I’ve missed a week sorry! The kids have been on their Easter break and my sessions in the gym have ramped up! These last few weeks have been intense with all the work I need to put in and keeping the kids entertained. Easter holidays are not good timing when I’m right at the end of my contest prep! But hey ho, I’ve done it, doing it, and I WILL fit it all in as my goal is just about here now! I’m getting very excited and nervous. I had a dream last night that I forgot my stage shoes, and I hadn’t been practicing my posing! I hate those dreams, let’s hope on the day I’ll be fine, fingers crossed!

I wanted to talk to you about why I switched from doing cardio to weight training, I’ve had so many people message me or ask when they see me, questions about diet and exercise. There is no special secret or special potions, all I did is just switch a few things up and be consistent with it.

I spent years in the gym doing class after class mostly cardio classes but did it really change my body? No not really! Ok I was fit I guess but I didn’t ever look that different, my diet was ok but the weekends let me down (like a lot of us) so Monday morning would be full on at the gym trying to burn all those extra calories!! Did it work? Well I didn’t put on too much weight on or ever lost much I used to fluctuated between 5-7 lbs that’s up and down, not really that good hey!? I wanted to get more ‘toned’ I hear this a lot! Lol! I wanted that sculptured shape NOT the skinny look!

I properly started to weight train around September last year this is when I met Leo, he gave me a program to do all weight based and fixed up my Macros and calories, I started seeing changes immediately! I loved doing the workouts and watching my progress, me being me though I wanted a bit more and I do like a challenge, so I decided I wanted to compete and our aim was April, we spent a few months building then from the 2nd January I started contest prep.

I’ve had an injury for the past 3 years, I got when I was training for the marathon (I had to pull out the week before). So I’ve battled with this and had to drop a lot of the classes I used to do because of the Impact on my back and hip, I spent lots of money on treatment seeing specialists, nothing worked! It always came back and I felt it every day. I have strengthened my body and my core so much in just 4 months that I can’t even feel my injury anymore, it doesn’t play up and I’m able to lift heaver on my legs now, everyday it just gets better. In that short amount of time I’m so happy! (another reason to start lifting, with proper coaching and a well-structured program)

Another thing I always hear from women is “if I lift weights will I get big” “Myth .com”! Yes, you will get bigger, if you’re a man and eat loads!

It’s so so different for us girls, women shy away from lifting weights properly (excluding Body Pump!) because you believe that doing this will cause you to “bulk up” this is totally not true, we as females do not have high enough testosterone levels naturally to develop the same amount of muscle growth as a male, we could only build half of what they could in a month.

There are so many benefits to weight training…..let’s stop thinking that cardio equates to fat loss and weight training equates to muscle building and weight gain! Doing strength training will give you a much better overall transformation than if you lost weight doing just cardio, you will end up slim and soft! Come on ladies and men we need to be strong, let’s put some more effort in to weight training, if losing weight is your goal lifting weights can only help you so make it a priority!!

Whist doing cardio can help fat loss, weight training is more effective and will give your body that more toned shape we all want, and keep you stronger, prevents injury’s, it’s a no brainer really!?

Fact: Metabolism is boosted for up to 30 plus hours they say post weight training workout, it enables you to build up a larger degree of lean muscle mass the more muscle you have on your body the higher the calorie burning results you will get. So get lifting!!

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