4 weeks out!!

4 weeks to go can’t believe it’s nearly here, shoes have been ordered, bikini is being made, spray tan is booked! Still got a few other things to sort.

This SHIT just got real!!! Ahhhh!!

My calories have dropped slightly, still training hard feeling strong, cardio is crazy as got to burn that last bit of body fat these next 4 weeks, yes I’m tired and hungry but now I’m focusing on a big treat on show day mmmm what to have??? I have not had any alcohol for nearly 4 months now (that’s good for me). I’ve got two kids alcohol is nice to have, hey mummies?  With Easter coming up I will only be able to smell the chocolate L and with it being the first bank holiday this weekend will be tough but I’m strong and have my focus!

I keep getting asked lately how am I doing this? Where do I find the time? In fact 3 people asked me just today, my response was I just do; I’m focused and I’m enjoying every bit of it. I can honestly say I feel the best I have ever felt in my life right now, I think if you have a goal you want to reach get in the right mind set and go for it, I’m not even an organised person, ask my husband and friends ha!

So with 4 weeks to go until I’m on stage in front of a line full of judges and an arena of people I don’t know, there are certain parts of my body I wish I could shift, lift etc. but I’ve done and doing all I can, we all have those stubborn areas we want to work on, but can we really spot reduce fat? I’m afraid not, imagine if we could how easy would that be? But unfortunately it doesn’t work like that doing 100 sit ups a day for 30 days won’t give you a six pack we have all fallen for gimmicks ‘special teas’ those toning machines lol! Advertisers exploit this concept when advertising diet and exercise related products which is wrong, the long and short of it is, it’s not possible to reduce fat in an area by exercising that body part alone, body fat is lost from the entire body as a result of a good healthy calorie deficit, and to stay consistent.

That said it’s important to have a good relationship with food and we should love our body for what it is whilst looking for improvement (that last statement was from Leo’s latest blog) we must have great minds as both talking similar points.


Next week I want to talk about why I started lifting, swapping cardio for weights and how it made a dramatic change to me.

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