5 weight loss tips to help you achieve your goal

1: Don’t get hung up on other’s progress, you don’t have their lifestyle, training experience, knowledge, genetics or endless other factors. Focusing on what other people are doing will only distract and demotivate you. Focus on what you’re doing, your journey and your results.

2: Life happens and sometimes things won’t go your way, the worst thing you can do is beat yourself up about it and write the whole day/ week of. One off plan meal or one missed workout isn’t the end of the world.

3: Spend time with positive people on the same mission as you. They will support, educate and inspire you through your journey. Having that accountability will make it easier to stay on track and remind you of your ‘why’. If you want to be part of a positive group of people on the same journey jump into my ‘Life Style Design- Online group program’ Facebook group.

4: ” extremes are easy, moderation is difficult ” Something I haven’t mastered myself but I’m closer than I was when I competed. Fitness should benefit and compliment your life not detract from it. Find a middle ground between what’s optimal for your goal and what’s sustainable for you.

5: The scale is one of the worst measures of progress due to the fact your weight can fluctuate daily so much. Use the scale infrequently alongside other measures of progress such as photos to avoid getting demotivated.

If you’ve found this post helpful share it with a friend who needs a more enjoyable approach to weight loss. Feel free to drop me a message if you have any questions on this post or anything health and fitness related.


Want to make sure you start out on the right path whilst learning the habits needed to ensure you not only reach your goals but sustain them? Then check out my 12-week Lifestyle Design program. The support, education and accountability you’ve been missing, to the right nutrition and training approach for you. If your previous attempts have just resulted in a rebound let’s try a new approach together.

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