About Me

I have been working in the fitness industry since 2013 in which time I have coached 1000s of hours’ worth of sessions and helped numerous clients make impressive physique transformations. I have worked with a range of clients with goals ranging from sports specific, improvement of health markers, to fat loss and overall body transformations.
My passion has always been to offer more than just personal training sessions where my clients get a tough workout go home and repeat a few days later. This is why I’m proud to refer to myself as a Coach and not just a personal trainer because I offer all my clients an individualized plan and ongoing support and accountability in every aspect of their lives’ therefore ensuring they have all the tools needed to achieve whatever goals we set. My coaching style revolves around educating, teaching and mentoring as I always want my clients to understand why and what they are doing so they can ultimately continue to progress long after we stop working together.

I discovered kickboxing at a time when I was a very un-athletic teenager and while I developed and grew an endearing passion for the sport I really struggled to keep up in all areas of the training. I was uncoordinated, weak and slow which caused me to realise I would really need to put in serious dedication which many years later has crossed over into the same dedication I have for my clients. I went on to learn about everything I could; how to train and eat for performance to make up for the athletic shortcomings I had at the time. After 2 years of training and fighting at an amateur level I went to Thailand to train for 6 weeks where I won my first professional Muay Thai fight. I went on to compete 4 more times at this level on another trip to Thailand and back in the United Kingdom. Subsequently my training focus has switched to lifting for Aesthesis and I have competed in Junior Men’s Physique and junior fitness modelling competitions.

If you want a high performance coach with that can make an incredibly positive impact on your lifestyle with a proven track record of impressive transformations whilst educating yourself on every aspect of the process along the way, then get in touch so we can have a chat and accomplish your goals!


Qualifications, courses and seminars

  • Level 2 Gym instructor
  • Level 3 Personal training
  • Ultimate performance Hyperthory camp January 2016
  • Phil Learney Advanced Coaching Academy level 1, ongoing
  • Phil Learney coaching mentorship January 2018- present
  • Motivational interviewing in health and fitness, DR Gary Mendoza. July 2017.
  • M10 practical physique transformation weekend November 2017
  • Shredded by science, science of contest prep weekend June 2017
  • Precision nutrition behavioural change in weight loss weekend July 2017
  • Phil Learney Real world fat loss seminar February 2018
  • Resistance training specialist, RTS, With integra education January 2018-Macrh 2018
  • Muscle nerds level 1+2 foundations of health June/July 2018