5 weight loss tips to help you achieve your goal

1: Don’t get hung up on other’s progress, you don’t have their lifestyle, training experience, knowledge, genetics or endless other factors. Focusing on what other people are doing will only distract and demotivate you. Focus on what you’re doing, your journey and your results. 2: Life happens and sometimes things won’t go your way, the […]

My journey to Bikini Fitness – 6 weeks to go!

My journey to Bikini Fitness – 38year old  mum of two daughters 3 and 6, wife and business owner. 6 weeks to go! Ekkkkkk! I’m in my 39th year, married with two beautiful daughters 6 and 3, I run my own business so life is hectic, and I decide to put myself into a bikini […]

Eating healthy but can’t lose weight?

“I’m eating healthy, but I can’t lose weight” I hear this weekly so let’s take a lot at one common mistake. Here we have what a lot of people would call a good healthy, nutritious breakfast. 🔹Passion fruit yogurt 🔸Sprinkle of granola 🔹Medium banana 🔸Handful of raspberries 🔹Tablespoon almond butter   Can you guess the […]

The 10 Lean Habits

The 10 Lean Habits  Lean, strong, fit and healthy people share these common habits. No, it’s not luck or genetics, it’s just a series of daily choices. These choices, once integrated with your lifestyle develop into a subconscious habit keeping you lean. Pick at least 8 of these and practice daily to get lean and […]

More food for more fat loss!?

Understanding weight loss and a case study example Weight loss in theory is relatively simple it comes down to your energy balance. If you are consuming less calories (energy) than your body requires daily for all its functions and movement you will have to mobilise some stored form of energy, either fat or muscle tissue, […]