Carbohydrate source’s won’t affect fat loss!

Its long been thought that sugar or refined grains where ‘bad’ carbohydrates which could not be eaten as part of a fat loss diet, luckily more and more people are starting to realise this isn’t true.

Sure some carbohydrate sources vary in nutrient density but consuming a small percentage of your carbohydrate allowance from ‘bad’ carbs won’t affect health and so long as your on a calorie deficit certainly won’t affect fat loss.
Stop looking for the best food sources and start asking yourself what can you see yourself eating in 6 months time Here’s another great study backing this up where 2 groups either consumed all their carbs from refined or whole grain sources.

New 2017 Study on Clean Eating / Flexible Dieting (kinda)

Cliff Notes:

▶︎ Substituting ALL your wholegrains for refined grains only had a very minimal (albeit statistically significant) difference on energy balance

▶︎ Eating mostly wholegrains increased stool weight AND energy content i.e. energy was lost in the 🚽
▶︎ The difference was ~90kcals/day in favour of eating wholegrains

▶︎ Eating ONLY refined grains had NO effect on systemic and gut inflammation

▶︎ When someone days “So if I swap 1000kcals of wholegrain rice for 1000kcals of jelly sweets, you’re saying there won’t be much difference in fat loss/gain?” You can now legitimately say, “Yes, that is what I’m saying, there will be a very small difference, but there won’t be much difference, and here’s the reference.”
▶︎ Physique transformation ‘experts’ who claim you can’t eat refined foods (as per flexible dieting/IIFYM) approaches as it ‘completely throws off energy homeostasis’ are wrong

▶︎ As a reminder, this 90kcal difference was a substitution of ALL wholegrains for refined versions, every day, for 6 weeks, which no half intelligent flexible dieter would do


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