Check-in Info

Pre bed routine explanation

This will be a little different for every person but we should be off electronics 1 hour before sleep, if unable to do this then use blue light blocking glasses. Any pre bed rituals then need to be done such as breath work or meditation to de stress before sleep and any pre bed supplements taken.


1. Bristol stool chart

2. Fasting blood sugar

Please take this reading first thing AM before eating. You can see an example test kit here. Alternatively if you don’t want to prick your finger and/or want more comprehensive data throughout the day, you can get a continuous glucose monitor CGM, link below.


3. Blood pressure

Please take this reading first thing AM before eating and with minimal movement. Leave next to your bed for ease of remembering.


4. Waking heart rate

Walking heart rate can be taken from a smart watch if relevant, Oura ring or HR monitor strap.Oura ring is better due to the other data points, sleep, HRV and body temp however more expensive than just a HR monitor strap.


5. Body temp / tracking for ovulation.

We’ll be doing this due to symptoms of low progesterone, oestrogen dominance or other suspensions of ovulation not occurring.

To do this please grab a thermomotor and take your body temp first thing every morning, enter it into the daily rituals sheet. Body temp will jump up by around 0.5 degree post ovulation occurring. Digital is fine if there’s 2 decimal places

Sleep with it under your pillow

As soon as you wake up put under your tongue

Follow specific directions on your one for duration

Place back under pillow after recording

Also grab some ovulation strips and use them on day 13-15 of your cycle. Ovulation isn’t exactly half way through your cycle so we want to start testing 1-2 days before half way through. If you have a 25 day or less cycle we want to start using ovulation strips on day 11. Both are cheap and easy to grab from pharmacies. Or Oura ring takes temperature.