Eating healthy but can’t lose weight?

“I’m eating healthy, but I can’t lose weight”

I hear this weekly so let’s take a lot at one common mistake.

Here we have what a lot of people would call a good healthy, nutritious breakfast.

🔹Passion fruit yogurt

🔸Sprinkle of granola

🔹Medium banana

🔸Handful of raspberries

🔹Tablespoon almond butter


Can you guess the total calories in this bowl? Answer at the bottom.

Portion is a little on the large side for some people.

Were you close? More or less than you expected? Let me know in the comments.

So, what’s happened here? how can a healthy breakfast be around half of some people’s daily calorie intake when trying to lose body fat?

It’s important to understand plenty of healthy nutritious foods can be dense in calories, this may not make them great choices if you’re wanting to get a few lbs of body fat off.


Here’s how we can make this breakfast more waist line friendly.

Passion fruit yogurt➖ plain or natural flavoured fat free Greek yogurt.

Banana➖ more berries any type.

Almond butter➖ smaller portion or remove.

Granola➖ a granola without nuts will be less calories or just oats.


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