My journey to Bikini Fitness – 5 weeks to go!

5 weeks to go!

eekkkk it’s ramped up a bit now, cardio has now been added to my workouts which has increased to another 40 mins on top of my hour workouts! No time for coffee with the girls now! Just need to be clever where I fit it all in as long as it gets done, doesn’t always need to be done on the same day, so if it means I can shoot out for 40 mins on a Saturday then great head phones on enjoy a bit of me time no rushing like I do in the week.

So I was going to talk about my contest prep diet but I think I’m just going to talk about diet in general, it’s something we all talk about A LOT, someone is always following some program, let’s face it there’s so many to choose from these days, slimming world, weight watchers, The body coach, shake diets, I’ve done them all and I’m sure a lot of you have to? Are you still following them? Or did you get to where you needed to be then fell off the wagon? How many times have I done that! Then there I am back at slimming world because nothing else I seem to do is working. We are all familiar with these diets and yes they do help you lose weight but do we understand why?

You’re restricted to a certain way of eating with these diets yet we don’t understand the logic behind the principle of these. Diets limit your calorie intake, so therefore you’re in a calorie deficit it’s just your foods are limited to the ones they tell you to eat. So this is the thing, being in a calorie deficit but eating the foods you still love and having that glass of wine at the weekends is fine as long as you DON’T go over your allocated calories. Sounds simple, it is and you gain a much better understanding of food types, and where the calories are….!

Diet is the main importance of shifting body fat, yes the gym helps but how many Mondays have you got up and gone to the gym to burn off your massive calorie intake from the weekend, do you really know how many calories you had? No why would you, why do you care as the weekend is for relaxing who diets on a weekend, right? Well I’m afraid it’s all about consistency, so do have a good weekend just be aware of what you’re consuming and don’t be afraid to put it in My Fitness Pal or in your slimming world/weight watchers diary otherwise your never know!

Consistency is the key and if I’ve learned anything this last 8 months it’s that. I spent years going to the gym 4-5 times a week I ate a healthy diet, well so I thought, but did I monitor those chips I eat off my daughters plate or all that wine I had Friday and Saturday night, take-aways? No, I just went to the gym again! And still I looked the same I probably fluctuated between 5-7lbs every now and then.

I can honestly say I feel the best I have ever felt in my life, and its only been 8 months! my body has changed so much in this short time, yes I know I’m on contest prep but that’s only been 11 weeks, I mean it had changed lots from September to December from when I started with Leo.

We all love a quick fix and are forever looking at these diets that can change your body in 30 days???!! Mmmmm  It’s about creating a healthy relationship with food NOT powdered meals to keep it sustainable.

Since meeting Leo, he has made me understand a lot about food in just 8 months, I love food I love to eat and I have a healthy relationship with food, I don’t like being restricted to certain foods, this is why I love what we do, I have my calories set and my macronutrients which are carbohydrates, protein and fats, so as long as I keep within these I can eat whatever I like (WITHIN REASON……and slightly different on contest prep J) but I’ll explain that later it’s not that different.

So what I’m trying to get across to you is and in only four simple points:

  1. Consistency is key
  2. You don’t have to follow a certain diet just make sure you keep to your set calories while still enjoying the foods you love.
  3. Understanding your foods and what you put in your mouth.
  4. Track what you consume.




Posted in Fat Loss, Meal Prep, Progress.


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