My top 3 alternative ways to use protein powder

Struggling to consume enough protein? Or Bored of just drinking you’re protein powder? Try some of the simple ideas below to increase your protein intake without having to waste the calories just drinking it.


1) Protein Fluff :

I love protein Fluff because it’s so low in calories for the portion size and can be eaten on its own or used at a topping for protein pancakes or rice cakes Ingredients, serves 1 Take 1 serving of your protein powder any flavour works 50g frozen berries, I like to use mixed

1/8 of a cup or 2 TBSP of any milk, unsweetened almond will give the lowest calories sugar free toffee or vanilla drops (optional)


place all the ingredients in a large bowl and Wisk for 4-5 minutes using an electric hand blender until the mixture is fluffy and has lots of volume I love protein Fluff because it’s so low in calories for the portion size and can be eaten on its own or used at a topping for protein pancakes or rice cakes Macros per serving 160 calories 28g protein 9g carbs 1g fat


2) Coconut flour Protein pancakes:

you have all probably seen Protein pancakes if you follow my page but this variation uses coconut flour and oats which reduces the carbs and calories per portion. Harder to cook this way but taste just as nice when done right. Coconut flour can absorb a lot more liquid than normal flour so you don’t need as much. In normal recipes don’t sub coconut flour for normal flour 1:1 find coconut flour recipes.

add more water if needed consistency should be very thick but pour able

Ingredients: serves 1

25g whey powder

20g coconut flour

15g oats

2 egg whites 1/3 of a cup

½ teaspoon baking powder

100 ml of almond milk

80ml of water add more if needed consistency should be very thic pinch of cinnamon

1 banana optional


blend everything together. Pour into a preheated pan on medium using 1Cal spray.

Make the pancakes small and cook for a couple of minutes each side until golden brown.

Top with protein fluff or Greek yogurt for lower calories options or nut butters if you have more calories to use, or both almond butter and protein fluff is incredible together.

Macros per serving: 310 calories 35g protein 22g carbs 8g fat


3) Low carb protein bars:

These are very simple to make and don’t require any baking so make a bunch on a Sunday and you have a snack for every day for work

Ingredients: makes 5-6 bars

50g whey powder

100g smooth almond butter (you can use peanut butter but you may need some more liquid as its thicker) 80-100ml unsweetened almond milk

4 squares(40g) Lindt dark chocolate 70% + I like 85%, chopped up into little pieces sugar free vanilla or stevia drops


mix all the ingredients together in a large bowl until you have a paste put the paste into a smallish size tub or tray and spread it out into all the corners leave to set in the fridge for up to an hour cut into 5 bars Top with protein fluff Macros per bar (based on 5 bars) 250 calories 15g protein 15.5g fat 5g carbs All macros are based on a standard whey isolate , i personally use 3D protein by Reflex Nutrition. Macros will vary depending on exact ingredients.

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