Phuket Package

Nutrition is hard and confusing. Nutrition while training in Phuket, Thailand is even harder:

  • 3-4 training sessions a week turn into that many a day
  • Each meal is with ingredients you may not be familiar or comfortable with
  • Exhausting training styles and climate place unique strains on the body
  • 8-10k more steps per day walking to sessions
  • Being pushed to your limits and training harder than ever before

Phuket is a destination for some of the world’s best athletes to sharpen best practices in technique and grit, not wasted on trial and error. Nutrition shouldn’t be different. Coming here is a big investment. Improperly fuelling goals is the biggest risk faced by athletes and general population alike.

I have guided professional fighters, bikini athletes and everyday guys and girls like you through the nutritional traps that compromise performance and outcomes. The Phuket Package is a guided nutrition program to help achieve your goals in the limited time available while not sacrificing performance, recovery or health.

The 12-week Phuket Package includes:

  • Clear goal setting and direction from the start
  • Custom macronutrient and calorie goals
  • Example meal plans based on these and other individual factors such as food preferences
  • Support for eating out in Thailand and understanding choices available
  • My Fitness Pal support and feedback to ensure we are hitting the right goal targets daily
  • Weekly check-ins
  • Access to my private client Facebook group and macro friendly cookbooks
  • Support, accountability and motivation from myself as you need

The program begins with an in-person 1-hour consultation to discover and set clear goals and the barriers you might have to them. We will also have weekly check-ins along the way online, from which I can continue to adjust and tweak your nutrition as needed whilst supporting and holding you accountable.

The program is tailored to your training and travel schedule. For example, if you are staying for only 2 weeks, the remaining 10 weeks will be supervised online with the help of Skype and other platforms.

The first 8 people to sign up to the program will enjoy the Phuket Package for 10,000 THB and get a second in person hour for free! To be used as a check in as required.

For more information or to book your place on the program please email me

10,000 THB = Approximately
£250 GBP
$300 US dollars
$415 AUS dollars
265 euro

Booking in the in person sessions will be based on availability, we will agree on time slots when the order has been placed.