More food for more fat loss!?

Understanding weight loss and a case study example Weight loss in theory is relatively simple it comes down to your energy balance. If you are consuming less calories (energy) than your body requires daily for all its functions and movement you will have to mobilise some stored form of energy, either fat or muscle tissue, […]

Carbohydrates and fat loss

clearing up confusion on Quantity, Type and Timing It appears that it is still a common misconception among the general public that a low carb approach is needed for fat loss This is not exactly the case Prioritize finding a way you can sustain and enjoy yourself on a calorie deficit is going to be […]

Weighing Food

Do you need to weigh your food when trying to lose body fat? This is a question I get asked a lot. The answer is most probably yes even if just initially, it’s so easy to over eat food based on what you perceive to be a portion or serving. Doing this at every meal/snack […]


Coffee is something pretty much everyone drinks daily or even twice daily without much thought as to calories. Liquid calories add up quickly and for most people needing to remove a few hundred calories per day, swapping your coffee choice could be enough to create a calorie deficit and start losing body fat! Always try […]