My top 3 alternative ways to use protein powder

Struggling to consume enough protein? Or Bored of just drinking you’re protein powder? Try some of the simple ideas below to increase your protein intake without having to waste the calories just drinking it.   1) Protein Fluff : I love protein Fluff because it’s so low in calories for the portion size and can […]

Weighing Food

Do you need to weigh your food when trying to lose body fat? This is a question I get asked a lot. The answer is most probably yes even if just initially, it’s so easy to over eat food based on what you perceive to be a portion or serving. Doing this at every meal/snack […]

100 calories doesn’t give you a lot of nuts!

I love nuts and they are quite nutrient dense However because of this perception people often easily over eat them thinking it’s ok because they are ‘healthy’ The reality is snacking on some nuts during the day as well as grabbing some quickly out the cupboard whilst cooking dinner for example could add an extra […]

Carbohydrate source’s won’t affect fat loss!

Its long been thought that sugar or refined grains where ‘bad’ carbohydrates which could not be eaten as part of a fat loss diet, luckily more and more people are starting to realise this isn’t true. Sure some carbohydrate sources vary in nutrient density but consuming a small percentage of your carbohydrate allowance from ‘bad’ […]

How many meals should you eat per day for fat loss

There is no right or wrong amount of times you need to eat during the day to lose body fat. For fat loss to occur you need to consume slightly less calories than your body needs daily the timing of this is not essential and wont directly cause more weight gain/loss. With any diet you […]