Weighing Food

Do you need to weigh your food when trying to lose body fat?

This is a question I get asked a lot.

The answer is most probably yes even if just initially, it’s so easy to over eat food based on what you perceive to be a portion or serving.

Doing this at every meal/snack you have isn’t uncommon and can add up to hundreds of extra calories daily

Here are some examples:

  • Half a cup of oats weighed vs scooping half a cup of oats, going to be around 60 calories difference, next time your having porridge put a bowl on some scales and then chuck your oats in ,you may be surprised but how many grams your eating!
  • Nut butters are delicious but they aren’t really as ‘healthy’ as most people think. Sure they have some protein and minerals but nothing you can’t get from other sources which contain significantly less calories If your going to include them are your diet that’s great but weigh them out That 150 calorie difference per spoon can easily be doubled if your having 2 servings on toast in porridge etc
  • The peanut butter on toast shows that 15g peanut butter vs 40g isn’t visually that different but the calorie difference is certainly noticeable
  • The last image shows the difference between using no butter and low fat mayo vs butter and full fat Mayo, easy swaps to massively reduce calorie intake
  • Weighing your food shouldn’t be a chore it’s pretty quick and easy and after doing it for a little as a week you should be pretty good at eyeballing foods, I don’t do it year round just when dieting and I would recommend you do to

Hope that helped
Photo credit Sohee Lee and Ben Carpenter

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