Getting started on your journey with Tyson Transformations.

 The first step when getting started on this journey is making sure I’m the right guy for you. Have a look around my website and my socials, watch the testimonial videos, check out the client results, read my blog and see what you think.

So, you’ve decided you like how I coach and my message around health and fitness, great let’s get started together! There is a few different options which I know can seem a little overwhelming in comparison to other people who just offer 1-1 personal training but let me tell you something, 1-1 personal training is not a great model for most people and forcing everyone into it is short sighted and doesn’t have the clients best interests at heart, which is why I offer a range of services to ensure you get the right service for you.

Let’s have a chat. If you are unsure which route is best for you then drop me an email here and we can have a chat to discuss your goals and the type and level of support you need.

Services I offer:

  • Personal training.
    Sessions will be conducted by one of my team based out of the Gym Hub in Worthing town centre.

Sessions are 45 minutes long and tailored to fit a program which has been designed for you and your goals.
We will start with an initial consultation to understand what you want to achieve and set some goals as well as discuss any potential barriers you will have to reaching them.
My clients train between 2 and 4 times a week with me then follow the program themselves for their other sessions if needed. 1-1 sessions include on-going support and communication directly with me.
My 1-1 clients also get custom macros and / or meal plans which are adjusted as needed based on your progress. For more information please click here.

Online coaching.

If you don’t need the in person training the previous 2 options offer or you can’t make the time’s available to train with me in person but want me to coach you, online coaching is going to give you all the incredible benefits of having me support, educate, empower and hold you accountable at fantastic value in-comparison to the in person options. For more information on the different online coaching options click here.