The BIGGEST reason you aren’t losing body fat!

The BIGGEST reason you aren’t losing body fat!


Ok, maybe it’s the second biggest reason behind weekend binge eating but not being aware of how many calories you actually eat daily is a close second.


It’s not your fault, I’m not saying you’re lying just simply that upon reflection what may appear to be a ‘healthy’ or ‘good’ day is probably much higher in calories than you think.


Here is an example of a healthy day vs what that day actually looked like, easy 400 calories difference in the total and that’s enough to stop you getting results.


The solution? Whilst I don’t think tracking is a long term fix I do make new clients track their intake as they go for at least one week so they can see for them self’s how their perceptions differ from the reality.


The task, be critical of your choices and take ownership for them. Track for 7 days and drop me a message if the total daily amount was much higher than expected.


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