My journey to Bikini Fitness – 6 weeks to go!

My journey to Bikini Fitness – 38year old  mum of two daughters 3 and 6, wife and business owner.

6 weeks to go! Ekkkkkk!

I’m in my 39th year, married with two beautiful daughters 6 and 3, I run my own business so life is hectic, and I decide to put myself into a bikini completion! Am I mad………….

My typical day…. Monday morning  Alarm goes off at 6.20 make a cuppa have 15 mins in bed on my own (if im lucky) answer any messages, quick scroll through Instagram, get up get ready gym kit on, breakfast time, mine, kids, (yes I’m running around like a mad women) I didn’t say this was going to be easy! Packed lunch done school bags packed hair plated go go go!

School drop off 8.30am (yes sometimes we are running in as the gates closing but we get there! Arrive at gym with my 3 year old, I’m lucky enough to have a crèche there!

Workout done! Swimming lessons next, then lunch time, back to tidy house, school pick up again, cook dinner for the girls, prep mine and my husbands, homework, bath, then start work 7pm! And breathe.

9.30pm I eventually sit down have my dinner, yes it’s busy but I’m buzzing all day from my workout and from fuelling my body with all the food I need to eat.

So that’s just one of my days they mostly look like that Monday-Friday but if you have a goal you work hard to get there.

I’m going to be documenting my journey so far so if you’re interested keep reading to see how I’m doing, I’ll be talking about where I started,  ‘the diet’ fitness, my progression, why I decided to compete, how to fit it all in, and above all honesty.

Make it happen

If you want it you can do it, I’ve always been into fitness as I love to eat who doesn’t? After having both girls I went to the gym, went on a diet, lost the baby weight through diets and lots of cardio based exercise as that’s what I thought you should do, makes sense doesn’t it?

I loved the social side of the gym, meeting lots of mummies like myself keeping fit, losing weight, or just wanting a break from their baby/toddler time to yourself! I started with classes the usual cardio bit of body pump to tone up, this went on for a few years realising that I really didn’t look any different. For my sins I wondered how all the girls on Instagram looked so good, I appreciate most is not realistic but it spurs me on to change things up a bit. I read that body building was amazing fitness for women, not just for men!  Whilst looking I soon realised that lots of ladies do this and their physiques are amazing! So I swapped my classes for the weights room, did some research downloaded some programs and asked one of the guys in the gym to help me and I loved it!

Deciding to compete

So I decided I wanted to compete in bikini fitness, I see all these girls around me doing it mostly they are all in their 20s, no children and look incredible, I’m a mum nearly and 40! I run the house and I run my own business am I just mad wanting to do this?

I decided I needed direction so got in touch with a personal trainer called Leo Tyson that I had heard of and started training in September 2017, I’ve not looked back since and I’ve enjoyed every moment so far, he has been amazing, my life is even more hectic than it was before but I’m training with purpose and loving it!



This is my goal and I will look my best……Prep (Contest Preparation) began on 2nd January and I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, the date of my first show is 22/04/2018 16 weeks in total, am I going to be able to do this, will I die of starvation half way through? What if I fail? What if it’s all too much especially with the kids? 16 weeks is that a long time that’s 4 months!? All these questions going round in my head. Well… It’s not that hard, in fact it’s alright and it’s down to the guidance from my coach Leo and knowing that he is behind you with a tailored and flexible plan, I would be lying if I said it was plain sailing, you have to put the work in but I know Leo is always there.  I check in with him every weekend, sometimes not until quite late on a Sunday night as our weekends are fun filled and BUSY BUSY with the kids,  then I get my tailored program for the week for the start of every Monday.

it’s been a busy 9 weeks so far fitting it all in around work, school runs, kids clubs, working out 4 times a week, but I’m loving it.

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